The Weekly Charge: 20/01

The Weekly Charge: 20/01

We have many thought out, well-articulated and in-depth pieces on this blog; this is not one of them. Welcome to the weekly update of the wacky, weird and wonderful world of the NBA, specifically seen through the eyes of a good lookin’ fella from Britain. Expect random news and multiple pop culture references amongst the dunks and Manu Ginobili assist highlights, complete with quotes from my colleagues and general tearaways at Double Clutch.

This is intended as a bit of an experiment and could become a regular feature. Let me know if you enjoyed it by tweeting to @alexcoletalks , or if you simply want to insult me then use my alternate handle @MikeMiller_Time .

The obvious blockbuster this week was the second and final regular season game between the league’s two best teams. Monday night saw the demolition of the Cavs by those smooth cats in Golden State. The dream team from the West took a sledgehammer to Cleveland’s back-to-back ring confidence levels.

Previously infamous for either snapchatting portraits of his member or dangling it over LeBron’s forehead, Draymond showed his berries when it actually mattered, dropping a Trip Dub in the win. 11 points, 13 boards and 11 dimes weren’t the only thing that Green dropped, literally knocking the King to the floor in the process. Hand on heart, I thought he was insane on Monday in more ways than one and his game and character is incredibly entertaining.

Kanye told us to Touch The Sky. Zach LaVine took it literally this week in San Antonio.

I gotta testify. Come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly.

Hopefully by the time LaVine touches back down on planet Earth, the NBA will have announced his return to the All-Star weekend’s dunk festivities. This year’s contest will hopefully be as incredible as last year’s. The contestants should be announced in the next couple of weeks or so and there will be riots if it doesn’t contain an Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine rematch.

I was watching the Bulls host the Pelicans last Saturday night. Now we all know that MCW is starting at point and when he heads to the pine, is replaced by Rondo. As I watched another Carter-Williams clanger come off the iron, I started to wonder how many schools, churches or youth clubs we could build in less well-off areas using all the bricks from Chicago’s PG position.

Southern Rail have cancelled strikes for next week here in the UK. Over in the US on Monday, the Hornets offensive efficiency appeared to still be on one. A rough loss to Boston on Monday saw Kemba go 8-21, Batum go 2-11 and MKG was 3-11.

Fortunately though, they downed the Blazers at home on Wednesday. Roy Hibbert of all people bagging 16 points and going 7-8 from the field.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

PHILADELPHIA HAVE WON SEVEN IN THEIR LAST NINE. What? 7-2 in their last 9 games. Yeah.. I know.. right!

Nikola Jokic, London’s adopted son, continued his good form. Jokic has scored 22, 30 and 29 in his last three games (including London) and the Nuggets have won all three.

If you want to see two MVP candidates going one-on-one then Wednesday night was your moment. Giannis vs Harden. Both of these two are fan favourites at the moment. Watch the two superstars attacking the basket like French women at the bakery.

In a nice touch, Harden signed the game ball and gave it to an 100-year-old Rockets fan in the crowd. Genuinely, 100 years old. She looked like she still had a few years on my boy Jameer Nelson.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

The Warriors were physical again on Wednesday. This time it was Zaza flooring Russell Westbrook and standing over him afterwards. Westbrook said he is “gunna get his ass back” – referring to Pachulia. News Flash for Zaza, NOT NO-ONE BULLIES RUSSELL WESTBROOK. I don’t think we will hear the end of this. The ultimate revenge would be a serving the Dubs a big, fat L on a plate during the playoffs, but chances of that are slim at best. But then Westbrook is involved – would you count him out?

Shoutout to @TheHoopGenius for joining us on the pod this week. Please all check it out and share the love.

Anthony Bennett signed for Turkish side, Fenerbahce after being waived by the Brooklyn Nets. They are in the Euroleague circuit so he will get somewhat of a spotlight here in Europe. Unfortunately, this likely means the end of his NBA career. This can now be signed, sealed and delivered as a flop of a no 1 pick. I promise I will stop talking about him now. Maybe.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

I won’t speak in too much detail about the All-Star starting selections named this morning. I’ll let our guys go to work on this topic during the podcast tonight. Joe Hulbert and Ross MacLeod are All-Stars in my eyes.

A quick special mention to James Harden who has shaken off last season’s woes. He looks happy playing ball again and has elevated his game, dropping more dimes this season than Trump and Farage at the strip club.

The Knicks’ circus of a season only continues to get more entertaining (check out our piece on all of that here). They managed a good win against Boston later on in the week, but a little pain earlier on in the week at home to Dennis the Menace.

Some welcomed injury news this week as reports that both Khris Middleton and Ben Simmons should be back around the All-Star break. We at Double Clutch will be eager to see what Simmons can do in the big league after glimpsing a flash or two of excitement during the Summer League.

You may have noticed the inspiring quotes during this blog post, all deriving from Martin Luther King Jr as a tribute to the rememberance of a great man. Let us continue to do his work and make the world a greater place. Peace to all.



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