The Weekly Charge: 26/01

The Weekly Charge: 26/01

We have many thought out, well-articulated and in-depth pieces on this blog; this is not one of them. Welcome to the weekly update of the wacky, weird and wonderful world of the NBA, specifically seen through the eyes of a good lookin’ fella from Britain. Expect random news and multiple pop culture references amongst the dunks and Manu Ginobili assist highlights, complete with quotes from my colleagues and general tearaways at Double Clutch.

Let us talk about something other than Donald f***ing Trump for a second. Can we speak about a process we CAN trust? THE Process. Joel Embiid for President.

Even with the legend himself sat out, the Sixers are STILL winning. Wednesday’s win against the Bucks takes them to 10-3 in their last 13 games. Championship form!!

Forget Big Sean; Dion Waiters is bouncing back.

No MOT needed for Waiters; there is nothing wrong with his clutch.

He downed the Warriors AND the Nets this week. Talk about beating the best of them and the worst of them.

He has scored 90 points this week in the three games he’s played in, winning all three.

You will have already seen this (unless you’ve been in a cave hiding from the world’s politicians), but personally I don’t get bored of watching this.

Check out this sick ping-pong block from Carrick Felix in the D-League.

Jabari Parker got suspended for a game by his teammates for uploading a selfie of him and Giannis with the wrong Snapchat filter on. Something like that. Anyway, he came back with a hell of game: dropping 28, 8 and 7 against the Houston Rockets and Ryan Anderson single handily trying to prove that white men can indeed jump.

Excited for the All Star weekend yet? The Rising Stars Challenge participants were announced this week and it’s a damn good list.


Devin Booker, Malcolm Brogdon, Marquese Chriss, Brandon Ingram, Frank Kaminsky, Jahlil Okafor, D’Angelo Russell, Jonathon Simmons, Karl-Anthony Towns, Myles Turner.


Joel Embiid, Dante Exum, Buddy Hield, Nikola Jokic, Trey Lyles, Emmanuel Mudiay, Jamal Murray, Kristaps Porzingis, Domantas Sabonis, Dario Saric.

Jamal Murray has got game, I think you will all agree.

“And like Shelvin, I know how to Mack a ho.”

John Wall says he and Brad Beal are the best backcourt in the league… hmmm.

Don’t forget about the Bay. Nice chance to watch Monsieur Curry go to work this week, passing Stojakovic on the all time bombs list. Currently at #13, I feel like this guy may end up at the top of that NBA all time three point scoring list.

Apparently, Greg Oden is back at Ohio State trying to find himself.

Maybe he can find D’Angelo Russell’s jump shot whilst he’s there.

Also, Joakim Noah’s free throw from Monday night will probably be around the Ohio region by now.

I haven’t put one Manu Ginobili assist highlight in this feature yet but don’t worry, they will come. In the mean time though, the Spurs rolled into Toronto and beat the Raptors this week.

San Antonio are 20-4 on the road this year. This team reeks of pure class. Dejounte Murray’s game is really coming along. Straight from the Popovich textbook, Murray has slid in to the starting PG position with Tony Parker out and the Rookie looks like he has played with the team for years.

Anyone see Terrance Jones doing everything but sell the hot dogs at the Smoothie King Arena on Monday against the Cavs? He dropped 36 points in AD’s absence but Double Clutch respects his work on the other end of the floor too.


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