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The Weekly Charge: 03/02

The Weekly Charge: 03/02

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We have many thought out, well-articulated and in-depth pieces on this blog; this is not one of them. Welcome to the weekly update of the wacky, weird and wonderful world of the NBA, specifically seen through the eyes of a good lookin’ fella from Britain. Expect random news and multiple pop culture references amongst the dunks and Manu Ginobili highlights, complete with quotes from my colleagues and general tearaways at Double Clutch.

Approaching the 50 game mark in the Association and any run of form, good or bad, could define a team’s season.

Unfortunately, no-one seems to have told the Charlotte Hornets that.

Plenty of big news off the court this week as well as on it.

Stephen Jackson appeared on the I AM RAPAPORT podcast and highlighted some of the smoking culture within the NBA.

“It’s been some games where I smoked before the game and was on the bench after three minutes sitting on the sideline, ‘please calm down, this high has to calm down.’ I done shot three shots that went over the backboard, like, I’m gonna be honest, like ‘aaaaahhhhh, I gotta calm down.”

This is gold.

I wonder if Rich Cho, Hornets executive vice president and general manager, was high when he made the trade for Miles Plumlee’s contract this week.

To any Scottish readers; I hope you had a fantastic Burns Night last week. I had a haggis burger with whisky sauce to celebrate (genuinely).

Steph had a Burns Night or two of his own this week and Marvin Williams was on the other end of this scorcher.

Most of the single figure jersey numbers on the Boston Celtics are retired. Numero Quattro is still very active.

Forget about defence for a moment, as IT is a bit of a swinging door on the side of the ball, but c’mon – we can sacrifice that for these crazy levels of offence.

IT is single-handedly taking this team to number 1 in the East. On Wednesday night, they amassed a comeback against Toronto in a massive game and the Celts were looking for Thomas on every, single play.

Isaiah Thomas. I am entertained.

Manu rolling back the years with a four-point play against OKC.

I didn’t even want to mention this saga to be honest as it’s all I’ve heard about all week. Charles Barkley is an exquisitely entertaining analyst who tries to tell it like it is. This time however, he got it wrong. LeBron not competitive? What is wrong with you people? This again!? Six straight Finals not enough? He just got Finals MVP in a series against the best team ever (according to their regular season record). ‘Nuff said.

Some classy assists this week in the big league. As MJ (not that one) once said, “you are not alone, I am here with you”. Here is Blake sharing the sauce with J.J. Reddick.

It wouldn’t be right to not talk about the Washington Wizards this week. They’ve won about 100 home games on the trot (actually 16).

This is their moment. If they are anything like this going into the playoffs, they will be dangerous.

My preseason prediction of Scott Brooks for Coach of the Year is looking a bit better than it was a few weeks ago.

Shout out to Miami, who are still flying.

Andrew Wiggins’ dunk against Orlando was Magic.

Mo Speights got it done too. Incredible dunk. Nearly…



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