The Weekly Charge: 12/02

The Weekly Charge: 12/02

We have many thought out, well-articulated and in-depth pieces on this blog; this is not one of them. Welcome to the weekly update of the wacky, weird and wonderful world of the NBA, specifically seen through the eyes of a good lookin’ fella from Britain. Expect random news and multiple pop culture references amongst the dunks and Manu Ginobili highlights, complete with quotes from my colleagues and general tearaways at Double Clutch.

All the buzz yesterday was about Kevin Durant’s return to Oklahoma and quite rightly so.

Judging by the KowarD t-shirts all over social media, it’s not hard to imagine how hostile the Oklahoma crowd were feeling. Given the scoreline and KD’s 57.1 fg% en route to 34 points, it’s fair to say the intimidation attempt failed… Steph and Draymond stood up for their teammate wearing their own custom t-shirts post-game. Let’s see if the hate game is as strong on March 20.

Miami Heat are still winning; 13 straight for them now. Incredibly, they are nowhere near the .500 mark still but just one game back from a playoff spot. What an incredible story that would be if they end up joining the playoff party whilst in this form.

On Monday, Cleveland broke Washington’s fantastic unbeaten run of 16 wins at home at the Verizon Center in incredible fashion.

Seen by many as the game of the season so far, both teams fought hard at the end and LeBron produced one of the season’s memorable moments to take it to overtime. Even Ross MacLeod doesn’t hit shots like these in the Scottish Highlands 3 on 3.

Very sad news out of Milwaukee as Jabari Parker tears the same ACL again. He will be out for 12 months. Is it time to mark their season as over?

For some reason you can check out Jimmer Fredette’s CBA league highlights. I have read that he is a “Dominant God” in the Chinese league. Not sure on the translations but it sounds like 50 Shades of Fredette is sweeping the Chinese basketball world.

The Sacramento Kings have been exciting recently. They beat Golden State last week and took a pretty savage, messy end to a game against the Hawks.

Last Sunday saw the emotional farewell of the Truth in Boston.

I don’t know about you but I cried more than a new born baby.

See it again. Respect.

Draymond Green got the NBA’s first EVER triple-double without points on Friday night.

In a win at Memphis, Green posted a stat line of 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals for a triple double.

Much love to our founder, Matt Wellington, who has been in hospital all week. Get well soon mate, I hope the run up to All-Star weekend provides some light relief.



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