The Weekly Charge: 03/04

The Weekly Charge: 03/04

We have many thought out, well-articulated and in-depth pieces on this blog; this is not one of them. Welcome to the weekly update of the wacky, weird and wonderful world of the NBA, specifically seen through the eyes of a good lookin’ fella from Britain. Expect random news and multiple pop culture references amongst the dunks and Manu Ginobili highlights, complete with quotes from my colleagues and general tearaways at Double Clutch.

It is that time of the week again. Apologies for recent inactivity; I have had a busy few weeks getting waived by the Mavericks, signing for Cleveland, fracturing my tibia 58 seconds into my opening game thus getting waived again.

Since we last spoke; DeMarcus Cousins got traded, Dirk reached 30,000 points, Devin Booker dropped 70 in a record breaking night at the Garden in Boston, Yogi Farrell is a household name and Michael Carter-Williams still can’t hit a jump shot…. but at least he looks happy >>>>

The Rockets continue to impress with potential MVP candidate James Harden at the helm, and Thursday night saw them break the NBA season record for threes; which was set by the Warriors last season.

Daryl Morey’s Rockets’ are known for their lack of mid-range shooting, using analytics to back their obsession with an emphasis on high percentage, close-to-the-hoop looks or on the 3PT attempt.

D’Antoni has them playing wonderfully into this direction. The addition of Lou Williams at the trade deadline has only given them more hope for the post season as Gordon and Ariza remain classy from deep. Cowboy, Clint Capela is a lot of fun to watch and likes to get on the end of Harden’s lobs. His 64% shooting from the field is a major boost to Houston and combined with Nene’s power, means that with either of them, the opposition will always have their hands full inside.

The NBA posted a cool homage to the season with some of the 3PT highlights from the Rockets season.

Big up Vince Carter who remains a consummate professional and an all-time legend.

The videos of his dunks and moves in Grizzlies practice keep us entertained (there’s too many good ones recently to post on here).

Oh, he still logs 24 minutes a game for Memphis and remains a key part of that roster. This will be his 11th season appearance in the playoffs.

For the record, my vote for Rookie of the Year is the President, Malcolm Brogdon.

As much as I like Dario, I just think that everything Brogdon does on the floor makes Milwaukee a better team.

Defensively, he is a big reason why the Bucks have turned things around. Offensively, he is a leader on the floor at a young age, he makes the guys around him better and opposition teams cannot seem to deal with that pick and roll between him and Greg Monroe in the clutch.

So, Derrick Rose is out for the remainder of the season with a torn meniscus.

I don’t know how he did it but I can rule out slipping on the MSG court.. there isn’t a wet jump shot in sight.

Here is TNT Oregon’s trailer for the Blazers game vs the Rockets.

A nice play from Manu, the Argentine Wizard during the week.

Despite blowing a 22 point lead against the Warriors this week, the Spurs are looking in great shape for the playoffs. Pop continues the lagacy of greatness in San Antonio as we await their 20th straight playoff postseason.


I’ve always admired Andre Roberson’s defensive game. I finally found out this week how he keeps the oppositions FG% so low..

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